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Runs like the wind. It works like crazy.
The Mac mini is much more of an extraordinary desktop computer: is a brain that can handle systems of every type, from small home automation system to the largest render farm. And now, with the Intel quad-core and 6-core of the eighth generation, and the Intel graphics UHD Graphics 630, it still has more processing power and workflow at the industrial level. You have to treat the sound of a live concert? You want to test your latest app for iOS or iPadOS? In any case, the Mac mini is the shortest way to make the most of your great ideas.

Make you happy the geek in you.
The Mac mini has a SO-DIMM memory DDR4 at 2666MHz high performance, which gives you a considerable accelerated when you render, work with heavy files or uses more than one virtual machine at a time. And today, you can configure it with more memory (up to 64GB) to manage flows of work even more challenging.

To fly off into space.
Fasten your seat belts: now the Mac mini has unarchiviazione flash PCIe which makes the reading speed up to four times higher than the options flash previous. So you can upload huge files and open the app more quickly. And if you choose the SSD to 2TB, you'll have double the space to store everything.

Safety of the new generation.
The Mac mini has the chip T2 Security, the second-generation processor Apple designed tailored for the Mac. It is designed to make your Mac mini even more secure: it brings together several controllers in one, and contains a coprocessor, and the Secure Enclave, which is the basis for the functions of secure boot and encrypted storage.

Doors to take you anywhere.
The Mac mini has so many different ports, to adapt to a wide variety of workflows. Thunderbolt 3 is our most powerful and versatile ever, and Mac mini, modestly, it has four. The new HDMI 2.0 offering more bandwidth than the previous version, to support higher frame rates. And now you can configure the Mac mini with the technology of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which allows you to move the mountains of files and huge volumes of data, hurtling at a speed of up to 10 times higher.

The desk is just the beginning.
Thanks to the compact dimensions, great performance and wide range of ports, the new Mac mini arrives where no Mac has ever been before. And now that still contains multiple cores in a square of less than 20 cm to the side, it will always be easier to find a Mac mini at work (or maybe tens) in places that you never imagined.

The beauty of the Mac.
Brought to the max.
Three new apps dedicated to music, TV, and podcasts. The app that you already know, ready to surprise you with new intelligent functions. And Sidecar, which allows you to use your iPad as a second display for the Mac.

Pre-installed Operating system
Apple OS X
System RAM
CPU installed
Intel Core i5
Storage Capacity
from 500GB up to 750GB


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