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Sackboy: A Big Adventure

To play in a team with 2-4 players in order to overcome unpredictable challenges, Or play in single player mode in a race against time, topped by snares and dangers. You know, fulfill your destiny and become the legendary knight I of the immagisfera!

Experience platformer difficult:
Explore here, there and everywhere while using the fantastic and varied set of moves Sackboy to deal with a large variety of exciting challenges, enemies, ferocious, and surprises surprising.

Multiplayer chaotic, and chaotic, and joyful:
Faces the challenges of side-splitting in-game group either local or online.

Refurbished, renovated, re-zipped:
Sackboy returns to the great, full of new moves and gadgets that will change the game, a 3D adventure fun and immersive a world that is familiar but new.


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