• This epic space saga open world using the technology of toys modular and allows players to create and customize your own spaceships real. Each component and the pilot of the spaceship will appear immediately in the game, where it will be possible to exploit the different skills of the pilot, in addition to various weapons and ships to unleash vicious combos against your enemies
  • The models are modular and the combat mechanics dynamics Starlink: Battle for the Atlas will allow players to complete objectives and to tackle every obstacle and enemy in many different ways, guided by their own imagination and creativity
  • In addition to the new and innovative way to play, Starlink: Battle for the Atlas offers an experience that is open world, which includes a solar system can be explored in total freedom. Created from scratch with the graphics engine Snowdrop, the game allows you to move and space to exotic alien worlds of the star system, the Atlas without the breaks, facing a series of unique challenges in the seven different planets
  • The actions and choices of the players affect their adventure so much that every game will always be different. Enemies will react and contrattaccheranno with intelligence, occupying the entire star system if the player will not be able to stop them. The fate of Atlas is in your hands
  • The Starlink: Battle for the Atlas Retail Starter Pack includes:
    • Game: Starlink: Blattle for Atlas (physical copy)
    • Exclusive mission Starfox
    • Ship: Arwing, the hull is modular and wings, armor
    • Pilot: Fox McCloud
    • Rider: Mason Frog
    • Weapons: Flamethrower and Frost Barrage
    • Digital Download of the spacecraft Zenith and weapon Shredder

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