• South Park, Colorado: from the outside, it seems a quiet town in the old style sheltered among the mountains. But underneath the surface, hiding dangerous criminals with evil plans that only Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and you, the Newbie, you can stop
  • Along with a trusty band of heroes, and supervillains such as The Coon, Mysterion, Brico Boy, Aquilon Man, Mosquito, BaccaMenta Crunch and many others, the Newbie will find himself in the middle of the greatest battle between good and evil that the world has ever known...
  • Each hero has its origins. You are an alien, a technology experiment, or a mutant, genetically-modified? Create your own costume, build your story and choose your powers to become the hero that the city needs
  • South Park has become even bigger and there are so many new characters to discover, but when the sun goes down, chaos and terror sprout up in the belly of a city that is more alive than ever. During the night, a new world opens up and your alter ego will release all his powers to save South Park
  • The dynamic system of combat and gives you the opportunity to manipulate time and space on the field of battle; the systems of looting and crafting will allow you to develop and improve your powers. Discover loot hidden and follow the instructions to crafted equipment to use in the battle
  • This acclaimed sequel has about twice the content of the Stick of Truth
  • Hilarious and outrageous, as in his style, in this game everything is bigger, longer, and enters, to the bottom
  • Come on down to South Park and enjoyed the great

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