• A new game in the series Mario Tennis is coming to the Nintendo Switch: Mario Tennis Aces!
  • Flaunting a stylish tennis gear, Mario takes to the field to deal with a large variety of characters in games that are breathtaking. The game includes more than 15 playable characters, each with their own unique features!
  • In this new chapter, you will find different innovations in terms of techniques and strategies that will keep you on the who lives. The game offers an approach to the game of tennis attention to detail and are focused on tactics and strategy
  • Also, for the first time since the days of Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance, there will also be a story mode with lots of missions and a large number of bosses
  • The various game options offered by the Nintendo console Switch allows up to four players* get into the field and play at the same time, when and where they want to!
  • Once you're connected online, you can play with your friends or with other players. You will frequently events and tournaments online, which will allow you to compete with other aggressive players
  • There is also the mode swing, which allows you to use the Joy-With like a tennis racket. This mode is perfect for a quick game with your friends or with your family, or even just to make a little bit of movement

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