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The bundle includes the game Pokémon Sword + Expansion Pass.

The Expansion pack adds two new playable content, The island of the Armor and The Land of snow-Capped Crown, besides a lot of new Pokémon that are returning from previous games.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are set to Barge, a vast region with a great variety of landscapes: rural, idyllic, modern cities, vast plains and the rocky mountains and snow-capped. Here, humans and Pokémon live and work together to develop the industry in the region. Fans of Pokémon will be able to visit one after the other, all the Gyms of the region, by aiming at the coveted title of Champion, or the Champion. During their trip will be accompanied by their first adventure companion, chosen from the Pokémon recently discovered, never-before-seen.

At the beginning of the adventure, the players have to choose their travel companion between the three new Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. The Pokémon Chimpanzees Grookey is fluffy and endlessly curious, the Pokémon Rabbit Scorbunny is full of energy and always on the run, and the Pokémon Acquacertola Sobble that when the inventor of the water, its color and the pattern on his body change, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The phenomenon Dynamax
The phenomenon Dynamax is manifested in certain places of the Barge, allowing the Pokémon to take on gigantic proportions during the fight, and is a key component of the struggles of the Pokémon that take place in this region. Pokémon Barge can dynamaxizzarsi, obtaining a force unheard of and becoming more powerful. Coaches can make dynamaxizzare a Pokémon once per battle, and the Pokémon dynamaxizzato will return to its basic shape after three rounds. Also, only Coaches that have a Cuff Dynamax can be dynamaxizzare their Pokémon.

When a Pokémon is dynamaxizzato, his moves become special moves, Dynamax, moves not only powerful, but in some cases also come with additional effects. An example is Dynattacco, a move Dynamax normal-type that has the additional effect of decreasing the speed of the opponents that it hits. The moves Dynamax depend on the moves that the Pokémon knows before dynamaxizzarsi and by their type.

The Gyms In Pokémon
In the region of the Barge there are several stadiums that are home to Gyms, and in these buildings and meet the Coaches, and Coaches specialize in a particular type. To get the title of Champion, or the Champion, players will have to defeat the Trainer stronger than any Gym, or the Trainer. The battles against the gym leaders, which often result in clashes between the colossal Pokémon dynamaxizzati, attract a large number of spectators and are broadcast on television throughout the region of the Barge. One of these exceptional Coaches is Yarrow, the Finals of the Grass-type, as well as a specialist of the clashes of the long-term. He is much loved by the Coaches of the Gym, and for him what matters most in the struggle is to have fun.

Explore the Wild Lands and join a Raid Dynamax
The Wild Lands are vast expanses of unspoilt nature which extend in the region of the Barge. This stretch of wilderness between cities and countries, and contains a great variety of Pokémon, far more than in any other corner of the Barge. The species that you can find change according to several factors, including weather conditions and the point at which there is, then, the Wild have something new to offer each time you visit. In this area, in addition, players will be able to explore the wide expanses in search of Pokémon and tools in full freedom, by controlling the camera to your liking.

In the Wild they have a place to Raid at Dynamax, a new type of struggle in which each player will have to ally with three other Coaches to face the Pokémon Dynamax wild. The Coaches will have the chance to capture it if they were to be able to defeat him... but it will not be easy. The Pokémon Dynamax wild, in fact, will remain huge and will maintain his special powers for the duration of the fight. The game of the team will be fundamental, because only a member of the team will be able to dynamaxizzare one of his Pokémon. Also, some Pokémon can be captured only during the Raid Dynamax. Fighting in a team with three other friends via the Nintendo Switch Online, the Raid Dynamax can become even more fun. However, if there are not three other players to deal with the fight against the Pokémon Dynamax wild, will be automatically selected by the head Coaches of support.

The culture and the characters of the Barge
In Pokémon, the Sword, and Pokémon Shield, the players will travel in the region of Barge, and discover many places unusual, such as the city where people and Pokémon work side-by-side. Here, the Pokémon have a very important role, and are highly demanded by various companies for their work skills. In the culture of the Barge, also the fighting Pokémon are the most loved performance. Are held in stadiums and always attract large crowds of fans and spectators ready to cheer for the gym leaders or their challengers. Coaches of all backgrounds will meet for the Pokémon League to challenge each other and hone their skills in battle. As inhabitants of the Barge, the players embark on their journey through the region and will have to face all the Gyms of the region and climb to the top of the Pokémon League to win the title of Champion, or the Champion.

Along the way they will meet many characters and different Pokémon:

  • Dandel is the reigning Champion of the Barge, and still today, has never suffered a defeat in an official match. Appreciated both for his ability, both to his personality, Dandel is deemed to be the full title of the best Coach of the whole Barge.
  • Hop is the younger brother of Dandel, and the neighbor of the player. The two will begin their adventure on the same day, and their common goal of becoming Champions will make them rivals.
  • Professor Flora is the Professor of the region of the Barge and dedicated himself to research on the phenomenon Dynamax.
  • Sonia is the niece and assistant of Professor Flora and a childhood friend, Dandel. Is a researcher, young but endowed with a wealth of knowledge and always willing to dispense good advice.

The legendary Pokémon
The legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta are enveloped by a dense mystery, even to the inhabitants of the region of the Barge. Zacian the fight, moving with such grace that even manages to charm his opponents. In the mouth, holds up what appears to be a sword, whose gleaming blade is so sharp it can cut through anything. With his movements and imposing the body covered by what seems to be a shield, Zamazenta can repel any attack and to overwhelm any opponent who dares to face it.


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