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Blackview A60 Pro Dual Sim...

Blackview A60 Pro Dual Sim 16GB+3GB RAM Black

Price €84.99
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Powerful Quad-Core Helio A22 2.0 GHz supports full-LTE and advantages that this causes in terms of reduced latency and increased speed of data transmission.A large display with a notch to drop, to charm your eyes The water is life.

Blackview A80 Dual Sim...

Blackview A80 Dual Sim 16GB+2GB RAM Black

Price €79.99
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Blackview A80 Camera quad 13 MP, more options shots Quad room means more functions, each sensor responds to a specific need. 13MP is The primary camera lets you capture amazing shots colorful and sharp, even in low-light conditions!

Blackview BV5500 Plus Dual...

Blackview BV5500 Plus Dual Sim 32GB+3GB Black

Price €99.99
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Dark theme-level system, privacy controls, and so on, the BV5500 Plus offers more features than ever, on the pure stock Android faster and more fluid 10. With 3 GB of ROM, and 32 GB of RAM.

Blackview BV5900 Dual Sim...

Blackview BV5900 Dual Sim 32GB+3GB Black

Price €129.99
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take control and stay connected with a phone sturdy enough and durable to keep you up to date.
The internal structure of the four corners of the BV95900 is reserved to buffer the impact.
Its fuselage is covered with soft rubber industrial elastic.

Blackview BV9700 Pro Dual...

Blackview BV9700 Pro Dual Sim 128GB Grey

Price €269.99
Availability: 30 In Stock

Blackview BV9700 Pro is a smartphone waterproof Dual SIM with Android 9, 2019, which provides for a dual camera, 16+8 MP and flash, with a further camera 16 MP.

Blackview BV9800 Pro Dual...

Blackview BV9800 Pro Dual Sim, 128 GB Black

Price €399.99
Availability: 1 In Stock

Blackview BV9800 Pro is a Dual SIM smartphone launched in 2019 based on the Android operating system 9, which has a battery 6580mAh capacity with wireless charging, and adopts a triple camera.