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2 cyclones TierRadial. 15 cyclones arranged in two rows parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust.

Up to 40 minutes of powerful suction with no memory effect. It works with a new battery, nickel, cobalt and aluminum.

New accessory angle with light. To be able to see and collect the dirt from the corners that are hard to reach.

New system for hygienic emptying of the dirt. Ejects dust from the bucket with a single action.

Filtration of highly efficient. Captures allergens and expels cleaner air that we breathe.

Powered by the digital motor Dyson V8. Generates more suction power than any other vacuum cleaner wireless.

Mode maximum power. Provides up to 7 minutes of maximum suction power.


Boiler capacity 0,54 litres
Noise level 82
Accessories Brush with direct drive
Brush for parquet
Mini motorized brush
Mini soft brush
port of loading
Multi-purpose accessory
Corner light
Measures (width x height x depth) 21 cm x 124,3 cm x 25 cm
Weight 2.63 kg
Potenza115 W
Rechargeable power
Noise level 82dB (A)
Autonomy 40 minutes
Charging time 5 hours
Warranty 2 years


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