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JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth...

JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker - White

Price €135.99
Availability: 9 In Stock

Here is the speaker Bluetooth portable JBL Charge 4, with a sound, powerful, full-spectrum and with a power bank built to charge your devices
Includes a driver and patented two JBL Bass Radiators that emphasize the sound with strong bass and deep.

Google Home White

Google Home White

Price €79.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Google The Home. The Assistant Google home
The Assistant Google for home with voice control. Get answers, play songs, take on the day, enjoy the entertainment content and control your smart home with just your voice..

Google Nest Hub Grey

Google Nest Hub Grey

Price €81.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Present you with the Nest Hub. All the help you need, just have a look. The best digital picture frame ever. Display your most beautiful memories. Turns the display into a digital picture frame and watch it scroll through your memories from Google Photos....

Google Nest Hub Grey...

Google Nest Hub Grey Anthracite

Price €81.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Google, Nest And Home Hub In Anthracite Grey.Speaker is intelligent touch-screen 7 "that lets you see and control a multitude of devices in intelligent home. It works perfectly with the products of the Nest, to make your home a more comfortable place and safe and with devices that are compatible with Chromecast.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 4K 2+8GB...

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 4K 2+8GB Black

Price €59.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Connect to a world of content and entertainment from home with Me Box. Based on the most recent Android TV 6.0 that is easy to use, supports voice controls and Google CastTM.

Majestic Multimedia speaker...

Majestic Multimedia speaker System TS-80R...

Price €111.99
Availability: 13 In Stock

Multimedia Sound system Bluetooth portable trolley
2 6.5” woofers and 2 tweeter 2”
Super Bass-LED Light effect, Hard Light 7 colors (red, blue,green, purple, blue, yellow, white) Equalizer Function (EQ) lateral Handles for transport

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K...

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K HDR Black

Price €71.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Stream high-resolution Ultra HD and HDR 4K. Chromecast Ultra, a streaming device that connects to the HDMI port on the TV, ensures reliable performance and fast streaming with fewer interruptions.

Majestic Microphone...

Majestic Microphone WirelessUHF MIC-601W Black

Price €30.99
Availability: 1 In Stock

UHF wireless microphone unidirectional dynamic with receiver rechargeable
Wireless receiver with built-in rechargeable battery and 6.3 mm jacks (USB Cable for charging the receiver battery included)
Frequency of use UHF 500 - 980MHz

JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth...

JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker - Red

Price €212.99
Availability: 32 In Stock

Speaker portable waterproof Bluetooth wireless connectivity, hands-free microphone, JBL Connect+, rechargeable batteries, integrated with high autonomy, a USB out for charging external devices..

JBL Pulse 3 Black

JBL Pulse 3 Black

Price €159.99
Availability: 50 In Stock

Take your listening experience to the next level with the JBL Pulse 3, the portable speaker Bluetooth waterproof that combines the sound to 360 ° with a light light 360 °. Bring your music to life with bright LED lights wherever you are....